Things People Leave On Their Curbs

If you live in a metropolitan area people are always leaving things out on their curbs with the intention that they will find their ways into someone else’s hands.  More often than not the items left out are plastic plant containers, books, VHS tapes and children’s toys.  At least once a week you can probably pick up a 27″ tube television for free within a mile of our house.  But on the rare occasion something like this shows up.


It doesn’t look like much, but in reality it is quite a unique piece.

It is a Stromberg-Carlson 21″ television receiver built in approximately 1954.   Below is an original print ad featuring this very unit (lower left-hand corner).All of the electronics have been removed, but the solid hand-painted wood cabinet is in good condition.  There are some chips, scratches and nicks, but nothing that cannot be repaired.

IMG_1032The doors are solid wood as are the carved decorative panels.  Thankfully the doors are in the best condition of the unit as they would be the most difficult to restore.

IMG_1033The manufacturer’s tag was still inside the bottom portion of the cabinet.  Show removed here as it fell off when touched.

Was considering retrofitting it with a modern LCD television or stereo components, but it seems more appropriate to turn it into a very cool retro bar cabinet.

Ideas or suggestions are welcome.  Right now its sitting safely in my home office.



06. September 2014 by Greg
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Beef Cut Infographic

06. August 2014 by Greg
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A Week with an Android Tablet (Days 4-7)

This may be indicative of the issue I have with Android devices in general, but Days 4-7 of the review needed to be scrapped as I actually needed to have a fair amount of productive time on these days and the Tab simply was not reliable enough to ensure that would happen.

Days 4-7 will be revisited in the very near future.

14. July 2014 by Greg
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A Week with an Android Tablet (Day Three)


July 9, 2014, 3:21 PM.  The Tab worked quite well today when using PlanGrid on it.  Drawing access and markups were fast and the learning curve from the iOS version to the Android version was barely noticable.  I am finding that using the home button and the buttons to the left and right-hand sides of it has become easier.  Still not used to the double-tap accessing the voice commands instead of multi-tasking though.

09. July 2014 by Greg
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