3 Legged Thing

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Having SeaFair in full effect this past weekend gave me the chance to put the tripod to use in its alternate form as a monopod.

This is where things started going a little wrong…

The first thing that I noticed was that the head seems to wobble a lot.  After going through all of physical connections and disassembling and re-assembling it a few times I whittled the source down to the center threaded rod.  While the threads seem to match those within the center column they seem to be/have been cut just slightly larger than those on the rod.  Looking at the photo below you can see the rod sticking out the of the center column.  If you grab hold of the rod you can move it around quite easily.

I tried using a Teflon pipe thread tape (PTFE tape) on the threads, even going as far as to double layer it, but to no avail.  Could a liquid thread compound like ‘Loctite’ be used for this?

@3leggedthing, Help!
Loose Threaded Rod
It should be noted that the wobble was noticeable when using the tripod as a tripod but not nearly as much as when you have a camera on the end of the column.

Follow-Up Photos





Rolleiflex Automat 6×6

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A couple of weeks ago I made the acquisition of a vintage Rolleiflex TLR, one of the most sought after vintage cameras.  This purchase served a couple of purposes:  to add one more camera type to my collection (like I need yet another) and to allow me to shoot using medium format film.


What I know about this camera so far:
Rolleiflex Standard Model 3 (K4B2)
Manufactured: April 1939-October 1945 (will be trying to pin down the manufactured year a bit more via the serial number)
Finding Lens: Heidoscop Anastigmat f/2.8, Focal length=75mm, Bayonet I filter mount
Taking Lens: Schneider-Kreuznach No. 1876796, Xenar f/3.5, Focal length=75mm, Bayonet I filter adapter
Shutter: Compur-Rapid, 1-1/500 sec., T&B self-timer
Film: 6×6, B II 8 (120mm) or 35mm with Rollekin I adapter (do not currently have adapter).
Film Transport: Winding lever with auto-stop, no red window, film pressure plate without color coating. Level cocks with shutter. Double-exposure prevention.
Dimensions: 14cm X 9cm x 9.5cm
Weight: 928g

Model K4B2 specifics: Black aperture and shutter control dial inlays (model K4B had gray inlays), Frank & Heidecke names under taking lens (names under finding lens on K4B) and shutter release with cable release thread (K4B did not have cable release thread).

More to come…