A Week with an Android Tablet (Days 4-7)

This may be indicative of the issue I have with Android devices in general, but Days 4-7 of the review needed to be scrapped as I actually needed to have a fair amount of productive time on these days and the Tab simply was not reliable enough to ensure that would happen.

Days 4-7 will be revisited in the very near future.

14. July 2014 by Greg
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A Week with an Android Tablet (Day Three)


July 9, 2014, 3:21 PM.  The Tab worked quite well today when using PlanGrid on it.  Drawing access and markups were fast and the learning curve from the iOS version to the Android version was barely noticable.  I am finding that using the home button and the buttons to the left and right-hand sides of it has become easier.  Still not used to the double-tap accessing the voice commands instead of multi-tasking though.

09. July 2014 by Greg
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A Week with an Android Tablet (Day Two)


8:07 AM.  Things started well, but quickly fell apart.  The Tab locked up and refused to leave the home screen.  The case and the power button were able to sleep/wake it, but no other user interaction was permitted.  Thankfully, I had the iPad in my bag as a Plan B.  Plan B got me through a complete job site walk-through and punch list.

10:30 AM.  Tab still locked up.  Forced a restart and it appears to be working normal again.

9:05 PM.  Most of the rest of the day required the use of a PC (CADD, higher-volume email).  The Tab seemed to be working in normal order and even gave me the correct notifications I set up in Wunderlist to remind me to pick up a few items on the way home.  My iPhone and iPad, however, reminded me that my iPad Mini dash mount kit had arrived at the Pacific Place Amazon lockers and that I had yet another project to work on.

08. July 2014 by Greg
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Getting your Contacts Under Control


It seems that quite a number of people have issues with duplicate contacts when using Apple’s Address Book and iOS devices.

The first step is to make sure that the contacts you have on your Mac are synchronized with iCloud. This can be done by opening Address Book, opening the Preferences and making sure that you iCloud account is configured and set up to sync.

This can also be done through your Mac’s System Preferences by selecting iCloud and checking all of the boxes adjacent to the services you wish to sync. You may also specify here the frequency of the syncing services. I leave mine on Automatic, but you may wish to make this occur less frequently.

Once that is confirmed, you will need to make sure that your iOS device is synchronized with the same files.

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Scroll down to Accounts > Select your iCloud Account (in my case gregreher@me.com) > Make sure that the services that you wish to be synchronized are turned on.

If, when turning on a service which was previously turned off, you are presented with the message “There are existing contacts synched with your Mac. Would you like to merge them with your iCloud account?” you will have two choices:

Merge with iCloud or Do Not Merge. Choosing to Merge the Contacts will add the contacts that are different to those synchronized on you Mac; possibly creating duplicates (this is not a problem). Not merging will create a difference between the iCloud account data and the iOS device. Choose Merge.

Once the contacts are merged you can fix the duplicate issue relatively easily. Simply connect your device to iTunes, select your device in the navigation pane on the left hand side. Click the Info button at the top of the screen and select Sync Address Book Contacts. If you already have this button checked, uncheck it, click Apply and wait for the sync to complete. After this is done, re-check the Sync Address Book Contacts and click Apply. A dialog box will appear indicating that there is information on the device and asks whether you want to Merge or Replace the info on it. Click Replace. Click Apply. Do not worry about losing any data as when you previously made the configuration changes on your device, all of it’s data was synchronized with iCloud.

07. July 2014 by Greg
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